Air Environmental Activism

Air pollution is all around us, air pollution is when we release pollutants into the air that affect not only human health but the health of our entire planet. Anybody can take steps to reduce air pollution whether that be taking public transportation or riding a bike instead of using vehicles that emits carbon dioxide. Any small thing can be a huge help in cleaning the air around us. 

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The leading cause for air pollution is because of the industrial boom that had taken over the world, from coal-powered trains, to factory smoke, along with fires being a source of light these were all large contributions to the beginning of what we call “air pollution.”

We can date air pollution all the way back to 1948, although air pollution may have began way before, this is the first documented case in America. Zinc and steel wire mills caused the sky was covered with a thick smog for five days where residents had trouble breathing. This is where we realized how deadly air pollution really is.

Ways to help
Volunteering to plant trees in an area near you
Donate to organizations that remove waste and host cleanups 

Volunteer in Philadelphia , This website shows different opportunities for you to get involved in your community 

WWOOF, is a program that allows volunteers to help plant gardens and trees in order to help clean air around the world  .