Taonga Puoro

The Taonga Puoro is originated from the Oceania continent and was invented 30 years ago by Hirini Melbourne (In the early 1990’s).

The use of these instruments, as part of the toolkit of the tohunga, seemed to be exclusively used as an oral flux between Ira Tangata to Ira Atua or the temporal and the spiritual, which is why Māori regarded them with awe and respect; they were regarded as tapu items of use from the tohunga. When used for entertainment and for recreation, it was a hidden and private practice.

They are significant instruments that tell a story every time it’s played. The Taonga Puoro are all part of the families of the gods who brought them into being. The universal building blocks of music, melody, and rhythm are named for the Sky Father and Earth Mother (Ranginui and Papatuanuku, or Rangi from the Māori creation story. 

It is made from wood and usually is played solo. There isn’t any special equipment needed for using Taonga Puoro.

Taonga pūoro are currently used for their traditional purposes, but also in many genres of music from classical, orchestral, chamber music, to pop, alternative, and film music.