Solomon Islands

The Solomon islands are in Oceania, with a population of 652,000 people. The capital of The Solomon Islands is Honiara. The currency used is the Solomon Island Dollar(SBD). There are roughly 120 different dialects spoken on the Solomon Islands but, the official language is English.  

The Solomon Islands are made up by close to 1000 islands. These islands are home to the worlds largest saltwater lagoon, the worlds largest coral atoll, as well as the largest lake in the South Pacific.

They celebrate many holidays including:

The Solomon Islands have one world heritage site:

  1. East Rennell

It also has 29 nature areas and parks including:

  1. Marovo Lagoon
  2. The Solomon Islands Memorial Garden
  3. Roviana Lagoon

Want to learn more? Check out The Solomon Islands’ tourism website!

Also check out the Solomon Islands National Museum.

Fun activities to do

To download the flag and map:

  1. Click on the image
  2. Right-click and select Save Image As…

Also try making a postcard and it’s stamp! Try filling in your suitcase for the trip!