Nigeria is Africa’s most populous country and has a land area larger than the U.S. state of Texas.

Nigeria’s most diverse feature is its people. There are about 250 different ethnic groups with hundreds of languages and cultures. 

Nigeria has a diverse climate with temperatures ranging from arid to humid equatorial.

They celebrate many holidays including:

It has two world heritage sites including:

  1. Osun-Osogbo
  2. Sukur

It also has eight national parks including:

  1. Chad Basin
  2. Cross River
  3. Gashaka Gumti
  4. Kainji
  5. Kamuku

Want to learn more? Check out Nigeria’s Tourism Page

Also check out the national art museum and the national history museum!

Fun activities to do

To download the flag and map:

  1. Click on the image
  2. Right-click and select Save Image As…
Also try making a postcard and it’s stamp! Try filling in your suitcase for the trip!