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Creating new possibilities through Art Education

Founded in 1998, Art Sphere Inc. is the only non-profit of its kind to deliver a range of artistic and human services to youth living in culturally underserved neighborhoods throughout the Philadelphia region. We use the arts as strategic tools to educate and create meaningful experiences for people of all ages. With the support and partnership of public institutions and private organizations, Art Sphere Inc. mobilizes a diverse volunteer base to focus on beautifying public spaces and encourage flourishing communities. 

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More and more, communities across our region are stretched for creative public resources. Declining education funding has forced schools to cut arts programs, while shrinking budgets prevent libraries and recreation centers from offering their own arts programs.

ASI aims to fill the artistic void in these communities by fostering the visual arts, music, STEAM, mindfulness and dance programs. Through our programs students develop a broad range of skills to help them thrive in all subjects.

Our mission is to engage the creative in youth, empower neighborhoods to explore the positives in peoples’ lives, and heal the mind, body and spirit through the arts. We are proud to be 100% volunteer-run. ASI offers a variety of opportunities for volunteers to get involved and give back to the community.

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