Maldives has more than 1190 coral islands and has around 200 inhabited islands. 99% of the country is water.

The world’s first underwater cabinet meeting was held in Maldives. The President of the country held a cabinet underwater in October 2009.

Maldives is in the Indian Ocean, with a population of 550 thousand people. Its capital is Male (Maale), and their currency is Rufiyaa. The official language in Maldives is Dhivehi (Maldvian).

They celebrate many holidays including:

It has no world heritage site but has 35 atolls including:

  1. Addu Atoll
  2. Alif Alif Atoll
  3. Faadhippolhu Atoll
  4. Northern Maalhosmadulu Atoll
  5. Ross Atoll

Want to learn more? Check out Maldives’s tourism website.

Also check out the National Art Gallery Maldives and National Museum.

Fun activities to do

To download the flag and map:

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Also try making a postcard and it’s stamp! Try filling in your suitcase for the trip!