Donation Letter

Let’s Bring the Future Forward Faster!

When you envision what life will be like for future generations, what does it bring to mind? If you consider what is happening with economies around the world and major global catastrophes that have transpired, it can conjure doubt and concern even in the most optimistic of us.

We’re here to tell you there is a bright side. You don’t have to look hard to find scores of people and organizations making real progress to help others and make things better.

Take Art Sphere Inc. (ASI) for example. For the last 20 years, ASI has used art to teach, beautify, motivate, inspire, empower, and transform the lives and communities of thousands of Philadelphians. And you can’t make this kind of difference without the support of enthusiastic volunteers, dedicated community partners, and generous sponsors. But it is through art that all of this has been made possible.

The Concept of Integrated Learning

Hardly anyone can refute the notion that educated societies turn out the most productive societies. So if we all agree that education is a top priority, the way we are teaching our students today deserves a second look. We at Art Sphere Inc. subscribe to the idea that art needs to be leveraged as part of the core curriculum. In fact, research has shown that “arts-integrated education” improves academic achievement as well as improves social skills, motivation and student engagement.*

As a certified teacher and fine artist, I have personally witnessed the transformation when you pair art education with any manner of subjects and topics including nature conservancy, conflict resolution, and building a positive self image. I encourage you to explore to see art in action.

Help us create a different kind of legacy for future generations. Donate to Art Sphere Inc. today. It will bring us that much closer to bringing the future forward for the people we love and a world they deserve

“I am only one; but still I am one. I cannot do everything, but still I can do something. I will not refuse to do the something I can do.” ~ Helen Keller


Kristin Groenveld 

Founder and Executive Director

Art Sphere Inc.

Natalie Kidd “Could Arts-Integrated Education Help Your Child Succeed?”  22 Feb. 2013.