Macau got its name from a misunderstanding. When the Portuguese seafarers first arrived on the island. They asked the locals for the name of the land but the locals misunderstood and answered with ‘A-Ma-Gau’, thinking that the Portuguese were asking for the name of the local temple called A-Ma. The Portuguese took ‘A-Ma-Gau’ and the territory officially became known as Macau.

Macau is home to the world’s first fusion cuisine. A fusion cuisine is a mix of southern Chinese and Portuguese ingredients and cooking techniques.

Macau is in East Asia, with a population of 700 thousand people. Its currency is Pataca. The official languages spoken in Macau is Chinese (Cantonese) and Portuguese.

They celebrate many holidays including:

It has no world heritage site but has 25 public parks and gardens including:

  1. Arts Garden
  2. Casa Garden
  3. Coloane Park
  4. Comendador Ho Yin Garden

Want to learn more? Check out Macau’s tourism website.

Also check out the Macao Museum of Art and Macao Museum.


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