Guam is in Oceania, with a population of almost 165,000 people. The capital of Guam is Hagatna. The currency used is the United States Dollar(USD). The official languages are English, and Chamorro.

Guam is an island surrounded by coral reefs. Instead of sand on the shores of Guam’s beaches, coral covers the land until it meets the water.

They celebrate many holidays including:

It also has six national parks including:

  1. Asan Beach
  2. Piti
  3. Mount Alifan

Want to learn more? Check out Guam’s tourism website!

Also check out the Guam Museum for extra information about Guam!

Fun activities to do

To download the flag and map:

  1. Click on the image
  2. Right-click and select Save Image As…

Also try making a postcard and it’s stamp! Try filling in your suitcase for the trip!