Sudan is home to more pyramids than Egypt, giving it the world’s largest collection of pyramids in one place at over 200 pyramids total.

Sudan produces 80% of the world’s gum Arabic supply, a binding substance found in gum, shampoo, soft drinks, marshmallows, and many other common products.

Sudan is in North Africa, with a population of 41.8 million people. Its capital is Khartoum, and their currency is Sudanese pound.The official languages in Sudan are Arabic, English.

They celebrate many holidays including:

Want to learn more? Check out Sudan’s tourism website!

Also check out the National Art Museum of Sudan and the National Historical Museum.

It has three world heritage sites:

  1. Gebel Barkal
  2. Meroe
  3. Sanganeb

It also has three national parks:

  1. Dinder National Park
  2. Radom National Park
  3. Suakin Archipelago National Park

Fun activities to do

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Also try making a postcard and it’s stamp! Try filling in your suitcase for the trip!