Map of Africa


  • Population: 1,275,920,972 
  • Land Area: 11.7 million square miles 
  • Largest Country (by land area): Algeria 
  • Smallest Country (by land area): Seychelles 
  • Largest Country (by population): Nigeria 
  • Major Biomes: Tropical, Savanna, Desert 
  • Longest River: Murray River 
  • Highest Mountain: Mount Kosciuszko or Puncak Jaya 
  • Largest Lake: Lake Eyre 
  • Largest Desert: Great Victoria Desert 
  • Languages: English, Chinese (Mandarin), Arabic, Chinese (Cantonese), and Vietnamese. 
  • Native Languages: Indonesian, Filipino, Polynesian languages 
  • Inventions or DiscoveriesMathematics 

Fun facts

  • Africa is the world’s second largest continent in the world 
  • World’s hottest and Driest continent 
  • Humans started in Africa  
  • World’s longest river is located in Africa 
  • Africa is larger than China, USA, India, Mexico and a majority of Europe combined 
  • Second most populated continent 
  • Has the most metal reserves