How to design a t-shirt

When making your organization known, it must have its own logo. A creative way to showcase your logo is to design a T-shirt with a unique design to make your organization known and noticeableWhat will make your shirt stand out?

This can also be considered another form of income for your business. Not only are you earning profit from the shirts you sell, your are getting your company’s name in front of the public. Income from t-shirts can be a funding stream for your business. Distributing t-shirts to staff and public can provide advertising.

There are many well-known businesses who are easily recognized by their logos. For example, Nike, McDonalds, Apple, Microsoft, and so many others. Their logos are simplistic, but are well known around the world. Keep in mind that your design does not have to be complex to be appealing to the eye and identifiable from a distance.

When designing your own t-shirt, there are many components to consider. What material is the shirt going to be? Who is going to be the vendor? Will you be selling online or in stores? Where is the logo going to be places (on the pocket, on the sleeve, on the back). Think about the design. What will your logo look like? What do you want it to represent when it comes to your business? What colors will you use? Will there be variations of the same design? 

More than just designing a T-shirt, you are representing your business outside of the building. Your t-shirt is a walking advertisement to whoever wears it. Consider the values it represents. The shirt must be something that someone can wear proudly because strangers can go up to whoever is wearing your shirt and strike up a conversation and then your business will be known to more people and will grow even further.