How to create a website landing page

A landing page is a way for you to engage in a broader audience about your organization and what you want to convey to them. This will enable you to attract more users to your website. With the abundance of resources on the Internet and a simple online search, there are many websites readily available to help you create a landing page. Check out these two popular options below:

Landing pages represent your whole website. Even though it is just a simple page, its where all the decisions are being made. You want the visitor to read more about what you have to offer and learn more instead of clicking away. The primary goal is to get users to stay on your landing page longer and then to understand your brand, and make a purchase.

This page should focus on one aspect that highlights your business. This could include the highlights of your accomplishments or your next steps to accomplish goals for your business. It could even be your most popular product. What will make someone want to go to your website?

The layout should be simple but still attract your audience. Think of this as a first impression. What you present on your landing page is what your audience will see and determine whether your business is worth looking into and trustworthy.

While some websites require a monthly payment to create a landing page and keeping it active on the Internet, there are also many websites with free templates to get you started on your journey! What will you have on your landing page? What are you trying to convey to your future visitors? What words catch your attention?