How to apply for college

When you apply for college, you will need to gather information and take your SAT/ACT exams. Schools make decisions based on the scores so, it is important to take the practice tests in order to get the best scores. Once scores are released you can decide to take the test again if you are not satisfied with your score.

You will want to pick colleges to fill these three categories: safety schools, possible schools, and dream schools. Safety schools, are colleges that are very likely to accept the you. Possible schools, are colleges you have a good chance of getting into. Dream schools, are colleges you will have a challenge getting accepted into.

You will choose your school based on your ability to fulfill their requirements such as your GPA, test scores, etc. A critical part of the application is a good college essay which is known to be a deciding factor and can help decision-makers override other requirements. Before sending off your essay, have a mentor or teacher read over your essay for editing purposes.

Next, application fees which are the only part standing in between your application and reaching the college admissions board. It is important to keep in mind the number of colleges you apply to, since there is a fee for each college application. However, students from low-income families may request application fee waivers.  

Finally, the sooner you get your application in the better so, you can be eligible for an early decision. This allows students to apply to colleges and receive decisions in advance and also additional scholarships from colleges. Overall, applying for college can go by smoothly if you preparing everything needed in sections and time frames. The process is time consuming so, you will need to plan ahead.