Guzheng is an ancient Han national musical instrument. It was popular in Qin during the Warring States Period and has a history of more than 2,500 years. The origin of the Guzheng is still inconclusive. As far back as the Qin Kingdom (Shaanxi Province) during the Warring States Period, the GuZheng was popular, and it was called “Qin Zheng” at that time. Since then, it has spread to Henan, Shandong, Guangdong, Zhejiang, Inner Mongolia and other places. Due to historical changes and regional influences, the many local styles as well as performance techniques are quite varied 

The guzheng became prominent during the Qin dynasty (221–206 BC). By the Tang Dynasty (618–907 AD) the guzheng may have been the most commonly played instrument in China. There was a rumor about Meng Kuo (a famous general in Qin Dynasty) who invented the Guzheng, but there is no direct proofs to prove it. 

Rocked with Star!

Let’s enjoy the sound of this instrument through this wonderful performance by Yuan Sha.

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Yuan Sha, a well-known Guzheng performer and educator, a director of the Guzheng Professional Committee of the Chinese National Orchestral Society, a professor at the Central Conservatory of Music, and a vice chairman of the China-Europe Humanities and Arts Education Alliance of the Ministry of Education. She is the champion of the three highest Guzheng competitions at home and abroad in the Guzheng field.