The Gudastviri

The gudastviri is a member of the bagpipes instrument family.It orignates from Georgia. It is sometimes referred to as the chiboni, stviri and tulumi.

The gudastviri is played throughout Georgia, and is especially popular in eastern and western regions of the country. Traditionally, only men play this instrument. Players were strolling musicians, welcomed as guests at every family party or wedding.

There is a small wooden blow-pipe with a valve tied into one leg, or corner of the bag. A fixed round wooden stock holds the chanter, which is tied into the bag, in the opposite corner. The chanter itself has two wooden pipes which are inserted into the stock. It is usually made of sheep or goat skin and wood.

It is often used to play folk music and similar melodies and usually played solo.

How do I play the instrument?

Blow into the mouthpiece and keep the bagpipes inflated. Then, plug or remove your fingers from the openings of the pipes to make sound.

Are there any instrument silimar to this one?

Duda, koza, tulum

How long does it take to learn?

It generally takes two to three years to become proficient at the gudastviri, or other types of bagpipes.

Is there special equipment needed for the instrument?


Rock with a Star!

Let’s enjoy the sound of this instrument through this wonderful performance