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Let’s collaborate through our phones. Choose research tasks that you would like to share with Art Sphere Inc. The process is fast, flexible and easy. Download the app and begin in 30 seconds! Stop and start whenever you want – volunteer from anywhere, day or night, anonymously or let us thank you on our social media for putting in the necessary work to better our community.
Download the app for free at the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store.

Learn while you help others GROW!

There are so many fun, rewarding and meaningful ways to get involved in making Philadelphia a better place! Our topics of research are always changing, so you can learn more about things that actually interest you and apply your creativity. 

Get a certificate to use for your high school, legal or corporate community service hours and know you are making a difference in building website materials and curricula which you can share with your friends and coworkers.  

Downloading the ‘Volunteer with ASI’ app

Our app is designed for those volunteers who only plan on committing up to twenty hours of their time with us. If that sounds like you, click this link and start now. Volunteer by researching on the chosen project of the month. You can select which topic/continent interests you. The research will be used in creating lesson plans and handout sheets for the students in our K-12 programs. All that is required is an iPhone or Android device and the will to help the community! 

                                                 Musical Instrument Research

For ASI’s current project we are researching different music instruments. To select your instrument, first access the home screen of the app, then select the “Pick an instrument” tab. From there, select a continent to choose your instrument. Scroll through the list of instruments and choose one that is unique to you! From there, you are ready to start completing surveys. There are three different surveys. Start with the first one and continue through all three instrument surveys. After you have chosen your instrument and completed all three surveys on the app, your work can be implemented into lesson plans located on our website.
Your work here makes a difference in sharing knowledge with our communities and students, so thank you for all the help!

ASI Valid Sources

It is important to use discretion when looking for sources and gathering information for research purposes. For more information on reputable research, our video on finding valid sources is located on the home page under the “online research” tab.

ASI App Instructions

Our platform is currently built to support:

Android Phones & Tablets  /  iPhones & iPads

No paperwork needed for research volunteers!

For those of you who are looking to devote 20 hours or less, check out our app! There are zero background checks necessary to sign up. Downloading the app takes 30 seconds, and you can start in as little as 5 minutes! 

We appreciate you giving your time and being part of the ASI family. If you have any
feedback or ideas, we would love to hear from you here.