Art Zines: Fishtown Diaries I and II

Make Your Own Zine Book!
Step 1- Fold 3 -6 sheets of 81/2′ x11′ copy paper in half.
Step 2- Open your paper so there is a fold line in the center.
Step 3 – Staple along the crease.
Step 4-  Now it’s time for you to think of a theme. 
It could be about You, your home, your neighborhood, your art, your creative writing, your poetry, your ideas on politics, religion, race, climate and more, interviews with family members, neighbors, and friends, your favorite movies, music, art books or whatever inspires you.  
Step 5- Write a title, who it is by and decorate the front cover. 
Step 6- Fill in your blank booklet and turn it into a zine
Step 7- Thank the people who helped you or participated on the back. 
More resources for inspiration on making zines can be found at