Changgu Drum

The Changgo Drum can sometimes be referred to as janggo or seyogo. Seyogo is a name that represents slim waist drum in Korean. The Changgo Drum falls into the Percussion family. There is no clear individual that made it.

This is an image of a Changgu Drum.
This is an image of a Goreyo Royal Flag.

The Changgu Drum originates from Korea, specifically during the time of Goryeo. Goryeo is a Korean Kingdom that was founded in year 918. The Changgo Drum was earliest seen in numerous mural paintings in tombs that from the Silla era. Silla was a Korean Kindom that reigned over the Southern Areas of Korea from 57 BCE to 935 CE. The instrument can also be seen during the reign of King Munjong, who was a Korean monarch during the Goryeo dyansty.

The Changgo Drum is composed of multiple parts. The round tube that is connecting the left and right side of the Changgo Drum is called the Jorongmok. The Jorongmok is utilized for audio purposes. For intance, the musician can adjust the side of the tube. When the tube is narrow, the instrument produces a hard kind of sound. When the tube is wide, the instrument produces a huskier sound. Furthermore, there are two skin heads that are wrapped by a rope in order to help produce a particular tone. The right side skin head, which is usually made out of dog skin or horsehide, makes higher tone sounds. On the other hand, the left skin head, which is mostly mode out of thick cowhide or deerskin, produces lower tone sounds.

This is an image of a different type of Changgu Drum.
This is an image of a Korean Changgu Dance.

The Changgu Drum is usually played for many traditional Korean music. Sometimes, many Koreans also utize for folk music and vocal music dances.

How do I play the instrument?

In order to play the instrument, a yeolchae must be used. A yeolchae is a Korean beating stick used for various Korean instruments. On the right hand of the Changgu Drum, the yeolchae is used to play the right hand pitch area of the music instrument. On the left side of the drum, the bare hands is utilized to produce a low pitch sound. Sometimes, the Changgu instrument can be played on the ground or can be strapped on the musician’s shoulder.

Are there any instrument silimar to this one?

Yogo is an instrument similar to the Changgu Drum. The Yogo originated from India and was most likely the inspiration for the development of the Changgu Drum.

How long does it take to learn?

It takes 1 – 2 years to learn the Changgu Drum.

Is there special equipment needed for the instrument?

In order to play the Changgu Drum, a yeolchae, or beating stick, is required.

This is an image of a person playing the Changgu Drum on the groud.

Rock with a Star!

Let’s enjoy the sound of the Changgu Drum through this wonderful performance by Kim So Ra.

Information of the person playing the music

Kim So Ra is a percussion master, performer, and ambassoder of Honam Province Jeongeup folk music. For numerous years, she has been entertaining many of her fans with folk music not only in Korea, but also worldwide.