Zentangles at Penn Treaty!

Zentangles are an easy way to express yourself, it is a form of meditation using repetitive patterns and intertwining them together. By creating these you can increase your focus and creativity, as well as release stress and relax.


3.5 x3.5-inch square paper

Black and colored pens

Construction paper

Zentangle example books


Big white paper for group








Group Exercise:

Have the kids trace their hand on big white paper

Lay out the zentangle books so they can have some references and inspiration.

Start the timer for 5 minutes.

Have them start zentangling inside their traced hand and see how much they can do in 5 minutes

You can continue this exercise with different time intervals if you please.

This could also be a warmup exercise at the beginning of class.


Individual Project:

Give each student four of the 3.5×3.5 pieces of paper

Traditionally, zentangling is done with black ink, but for our class we allowed the kids to use whatever colors they wanted.

Have them draw a different zentangle on each square.

Once all four zentangles are finished mount them on construction paper.