Windy Day Kites and Getting to Know Our Students!!!

Today was our second week of working with our 5th, 6th, and 7th-grade class. In honor of it being an especially windy fall day, we decorated kites. We asked that they try and make these kites about them (things they liked, disliked, hobbies, etc.). Our goal was to be able to learn a little bit about these talented students that we will be with for the next several weeks. We also went around and asked each student a few questions about what they were thankful for and where they were from. It was really interesting going around and learning a little bit of background from these middle schoolers and who or what they were grateful for as we near thanksgiving.

We also worked with our original class, who was energetic as always. They loved decorating the kites and ran around the room trying to fly them. They are continuing to learn about seasons, so we read a short book about all 4 seasons. They were excited they were able to get engaged when we asked if they could find the rhymes at the end of each phrase. It was great to see them catching on to the rhyming pattern of the book, and by the end, they were all raising their hands to answer. In the end, we went around again and asked who and what they were thankful for. Their answers were super sweet and I’m excited to share them down below.

Students in our middle school class: Aisha, Xin, Jason, Angela, Jamie, Jason, Jaiden, Jaleel, Jaleine, Escarlet, Habsah, Quan, Aisha, and David

Students in our elementary class: Naomi, Nathan, Rebecca, Sui, Ariel, Dawt, Ciin, Jenny, Mariam, Brian, and Jennifer

These students come from all over. Just a few places are: China, Malaysia, Philly, Cambodia, Thailand, and the Dominican Republic


Who is your favorite person at school?

  • My friend
  • Brian

Name one thing in your home that you are grateful for.

  • My home

What technology are you most thankful for?

  • My phone
  • My tablet

What do you love most about your parents?

  • They love me
  • I love to hug them

Name something good that happened to you today.

  • They changed me to a new seat
  • I finished Alexia

What is your favorite possession?

  • My computer
  • My family

What talent do you have that you’re grateful for?

  • Drawing
  • Watching

Who is someone you could say thank you to today?

  • My dad

What’s something you’re really excited about?

  • Black Friday
  • Drawing my favorite Anime
  • Going to 4th grade and getting new school supplies

What is your favorite class at school?

  • English in the morning
  • Science
  • Art

What is something you learned this week?

  • Cells
  • Nothing
  • I learned how to follow direction and be kind to my friends

Where is your favorite place to play outside?

  • Volleyball on a team; football with a brother

What’s one of your favorite things about your siblings?

  • He’s too young; older sibling likes to play Roblox
  • My little sister likes to play with toys

When are you the happiest during the day?

  • Food! Mom makes really good food

What teacher are you most thankful for?

  • More than one favorite; I like to learn math/ tech

What about today has been better than yesterday?

  • Hanging out at home and watching Chinese movies
  • Field trip to the Franklin Institute; I liked the gift shop, learned about the brain, and walked through a giant heart

Fill in the blank: I am grateful to be me because_______?

  • I have clothes, school supplies, hardworking parents, and food
  • family
  • My stuff
  • Noodles
  • Science

What’s your favorite holiday?

  • Christmas
  • Christmas
  • My birthday

What is one thing you love about yourself?

  • My height
  • everything
  • I have a nice mom

Fill in the blank: I am thankful I learned how to______?

  • read
  • Draw from my mom
  • play

What’s your favorite thing about the town you live in?

  • There are so many people
  • There’s nothing that happens a lot
  • I have my own room and a play place in the basement where I can make a big mess
  • I like playing

Who’s someone who always listens to you when you speak?

  • Trinity and Jasmine (best friends) and they like to talk about everything
  • Sui, my best friend, we met in the 1st grade

What is your favorite activity to do with your family?

  • Play Fortnite with my brother

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