What’s In Your People House? – Drawing Lesson Plan

Sample drawing and imagery for lesson’s vocabulary

Pathway #1: Draw Your Home

Your Destination: Homes come in all shapes and sizes. Using horizontal, vertical and diagonal lines draw your home and what you see inside it.

Travel Kit:

  • Paper
  • Pencil
  • Pen, markers, crayons, colored pencils

On the Path: Draw Your House

Step #1: First, review the types of lines that will be used to draw the outline of the house. Horizontal, vertical and diagonal lines. Hold up your pointer finger and move it from left to right, right to left in front of you. That is the direction of a horizontal line. Now, move your finger up and down to show the direction of a vertical line. A Diagonal line moves across, low to high or high to low, move your finger in those directions. 

Step #2 The horizontal and vertical lines make a square. Draw two vertical lines parallel to each other. Then, connect the top and bottom of these lines with two horizontal lines. 

Step #3 The square is the base of the house. Next, draw a triangle on top of the square to make a roof. Draw a diagonal line in each top corner of the square so that they meet at the center point above the square. 

Step #4 The house can be filled with objects that students find in their own homes. Discuss types of things found in most homes; chairs, pots, pans, etc.

Step #5 Students may draw things that exist on the outside of their home too. Try drawing more houses and other features that are in their neighborhood. 

Word for Word:

Read In a People House by Theo Leseig. This is a great book for matching pictures to words to start developing a vocabulary. 

Extend the Journey:

Learn New Vocabulary:

Horizontal line: A line that runs left-to-right across a page.

Vertical line: A line that runs up and down on a page.

Diagonal line: A line that runs across on a page.

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