Week 7 – So hot these days!!!!

Good morning readers,

Khai again, hope you guys have a great week! The last week weather was insane, somedays was like spring or summer and weekend was back to mid-winter, insane right? So in order to help the kids fighting back the heat from the sun, we decided to create the project, which named “Oriental-like Fan”. Basically, we was going to reuse most of leftover art material from previous projects to maximize the utilization of art material. List of materials were used for this project, including: wood sticks (small size), coffee filter (cut in half), and decoration materials. In this class session, I was shifting the leader charge to Isa and Olivia in this project so they could get involve more into what we are doing at Shissler. Somehow, they seem to be enjoying to give detail instructions to the kids to complete their handy fan preparing for the hot summer days. More detail about how we could craft the fan, first step, we asked the kids to decorate their 2 sides of the fans (which prepared from coffee filters) with their favorite color and provided art materials. Next step, the kids are going to use glue stick to glue each individual wood stick in diagonal onto the first piece of coffee filter and stack them one by one. Last step glue the second half of the coffee filter above the first half and the wood sticks. Voila, we got the oriental-like fan.

How do you think about our project?

Khai To

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