Week 6 – Project “King of the Ocean”

Good morning readers,

How was your week so far? I am really sorry for not updating the activities at Shissler regularly. But starting from now, I am going to do the review for every week activities so stays tune, folks! About week 6, we were welcoming the new member for Shissler team – Olivia and with her help everything was working more precisely. At Shissler, we are mainly focus in helping kids know how to use tools just like scissors, glue sticks, and even tie knot. About the activities for week 6, the project named “King of the ocean” aka “the Shark” and the kids love it. They want to create their own unique sharks basing on what we are providing to them, including: crayon, color foam, wiggly eyes, and pom pom. We gave the kids some help in cutting the foam in shark’s jaw shape so they could use the glue stick to glue the jaw into the shark. After all, they seem to enjoy working with art materials and created some unique shark basing on our basic instruction.

The weather is getting hot so what should we make next week?

Khai To

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