Van Gogh Cityscapes

Goal: Inspired by Van Gogh’s Starry Night, students will fill the background of the cityscape with color to create a feeling of movement and atmospheric life

Materials: Paper, glue sticks, watercolor paint, crayons or oil pastels

Prep: Using either black paper or painted black paper, cut out city building silhouettes


Instruction: Students see an example of a finished project.  We discussed different colors in the sky at different times of the day.  The students are then able to watercolor their entire paper with colors for their skies.  Once finished, they are put aside to dry.


Students are given black building cut-outs to color in windows with either crayons or oil pastels.


Finally, once watercolor papers are dry, buildings can be glued on top of the paper to create the final look.  Here’s an example of what one of the students at Fishtown created this week:


With Extra time this week, we traced leaves on paper and colored them in with crayons.


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