Under the Sea: Jellyfish and Whales

This week at Fishtown Rec. we worked with watercolors to make some wonderful seal life! We briefly talked about how big whales can get and what some of them eat.We also talked about jellyfish tentacles. Making sure to emphasize that it is dangerous to touch real jellyfish.

Everyone was really excited to see watercolor sets laid out on the table. Because watercolor needs time to dry, we did two projects this week. We started by painting our whales blue.

under the sea

Then switched over to making some jellyfish.

under the sea

We used eye droppers to drip color onto coffee filters, then glued on our tentacles. We then switched back to our whales, while we waited for our tentacles to dry. Students put the final touches on their whales by gluing on the tail, eyes, and mouth.

When class ended there were jellyfish “floating” on our table and whales swimming all over the room!

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