Tzu Chi Center Perfromance

Walking into Tzu Chi Center for the performance I noticed a well dressed worker fixing the chairs to make sure they were in perfect alignment for the parents. With the staff paying this close attention to detail and showing the viewers respect by dressing well, I knew I was in for a great performance. Before the performance a video was played that focused around helping people Nepal, educating the children and helping people in need. Before viewing this I did not realize how connected the center was, but the video certainly opened my eyes to what Tzu Chi center is all about. Seeing volunteers from around the globe in those familiar white pants and navy sweaters helping others in the video was endearing.  One quote stood out to me and it was, “the local children are worth our efforts.” I felt this really connected the video to why everyone was there. I would agree the children at Tzu Chi center are worth our efforts and seeing them perform made the point even more clear.

After the video the students began their performances. I was so proud of them because it was clear they worked hard for this. I think it’s safe to say everyone else felt the same. Even if I didn’t understand the language, I still felt engaged by the students performances. After the performances a center representative came up and discussed the morals they teach. Tzu Chi center is unique in the way it has a moral emphasis on its teachings. It is clear these morals are embodied by the staff and students. I saw encouragement when a young boy overcame his shyness with the help of Sueling. Generosity was embodied when everyone was given food after the reception. Appreciation was shown when the staff honored their volunteers. I personally was given a token for my work as an art teacher and was touched by their kindness. These are just a few of the many times I have seen the staff showcase the morals they teach. It is also clear from this show that the children have picked up on the teachings as well.

Overall my experience at the Tzu Chi center performance was great. I enjoyed seeing the connection between Tzu Chi centers across the world and the one I have been very fortunate to work with. I am proud of the children and their hard work. I look forward to coming back to this wonderful center in the fall.

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