Treble Clefs & Bass Clefs

Last week, at both Cione and Towey Rec Centers, I asked the students, “Who knows what a treble clef is? What about a bass clef?” No hands were raised. I drew a treble clef on the chalkboard, and some light bulbs went on.

“That means music!” said one little boy.

Yes, a treble clef is used in the language of music. A treble clef signifies higher pitches, and this is usually where the melody of a song is written. A bass clef signifies the lower pitches, and this is where the bassline of a song is written. I explained this to the students, and gave them each music manuscript to practice drawing their treble and bass clefs!

After learning some music theory, we played an exciting game of musical chairs with some spooky Halloween tunes to get into the spirit of the holiday!

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