Color Wheel Pre and Post Test + Paper Mask

Hello there! I am Miss Dayna, the lead art teacher over at Towey Playground. It is my first time visiting this center, and from the moment I met these kids, I knew they had a strong interest in art.

Group 1 & Group 2 – Towey Playground
After going around the table, learning all the children’s names, I explained that I needed them to think about color. Sometimes color has a special order, and sometimes that order goes in a circle. They were given a blank color wheel and asked to fill it out using their choice of either markers or crayons.

After they finished color wheel #1, we discussed the rainbow and how the color wheel is just the rainbow in a circle. We went over the order a few times and many students knew or recalled it from school. Then I showed everyone how to soak “dead” or dried out markers into a cup of water so it extracts whatever color is left within the marker to create “marker paint!” I only soaked red, yellow, and blue – which we discussed were the primary colors. Then, I showed everyone what happens when red and yellow mix (orange!) .. yellow and blue mix (green!) .. blue and red mix (purple!)

Those who had extra time got to choose free drawing or coloring in a Chinese Dragon Mask. Then we cut out the mask, attached yarn, and voila! A real mask!


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