Thursday’s at Towey Rec Center !

We’ve had many fun Thursdays this season at Towey Rec! We have quite a few natural artists in our group, and possibly more exciting, a number of kids who have realized their artistic potential.

When I first joined LaTonia’s class as a volunteer, our objective for the day was creating miniature animal sculptures. The kids had a blast with this — we had a high variety of creatures emerge from the clay: from foxes to aardvarks !

The following week, we built on the skills we had learned with our animal sculptures, and creating bowls and mugs with animal features, including goldfish, cats, and dogs. The kids were excited about making something functional and creative.

In recent weeks, we celebrated Saint Patrick’s day by making marshmallow stamp paintings of clovers and pots of gold! A couple of our students said they couldn’t wait to show their teachers and classmates what they made at artsphere.

Our most recent project was making paper birdcages and birds for a spring theme. In this project we worked with new materials and the kids had a lot of fun choosing colored feathers for their birds. Many of the kids stated they were excited to see their bird cages in the art show next Thursday.

This season the kids had a lot of fun learning about new materials, techniques, and about each other. My favorite quote from one of our students highlights the beauty of what artsphere is all about:

“if I had my own clay at home, any time I got mad I would just make something and then I would be okay.”

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