Throw Back Thursday -FRC in Spring 2017

ASI highlights from the  Spring Fishtown Recreation Center by ASI Preschool Art Teacher Loralynn Ingresso.

The kids are very well-behaved and very enthusiastic when greeting me as I show up on Thursday mornings. All of the kids know my name by now. They’re a bright bunch of preschoolers, and they’re so eager to participate, unafraid of being wrong when answering questions that I ask. When making crafts, the kids listen intently and follow directions. Our crafts are always paired with a lesson. We’ve been focusing a lot on nature, with references to Johnny Appleseed, the Great Kapok Tree of the Amazon rainforest, and the migration monarch butterflies.

Loralynn is a Junior art history major at Saint Joseph’s University. She is also pursuing a double minor in business and communications. Loralynn has substantial experience working with children in diverse educational settings. She plans on pursuing a career within non-profit art organizations and art museum administration.