The Story of Santa Mouse

Project Title: The Story of Santa Mouse

Description: Children will glue pieces to make a christmas mouse.

Author: Liza

Grade Level or target age group: preschool to early elementry

Historical Art Examples or References: Christmas


Materials: Red Construction paper, brown construction paper, white paper, yellow paper, pink paper, fuzzy, glue, and scissors


1. Cut out a large acorn brown shape for the mouse head enough for each child
2. Cut out two white circles for the eyes and one pink for the nose
3. Cut out whiskers out of white
4. Cut out a tail out of brown
5. Cut cheese out of yellow
6. Glue the hat on
7. Glue the eyes on
8. Gue Whisker and nose on
9.Glue tail on
10. Glue Cheese on
11. Draw on eyes
12. Put circles on cheese
13. Hand out the books they created and have them draw what they like on the back.

What will you leave under your tree for santa mouse?

What will you draw that you like on the back of your books that you created this year?

Instructional Reflection:
The children enjoyed the christmas story and how the art project related.