The Dot

Students at Fishtown Recreation Center experimented with the infinite possibilities of making art with just a dot. After Peter H. Reynold’s The Dot was read to them students learned that they could make anything with dots and persistence.

We discussed the many things that could be made from dots. Students suggested making flowers, cats and superheroes. Given just a white sheet of paper and plenty of different colored dots students quickly got to work gluing paper dots down. Some students tried to make recognizable subjects and others formed abstract images, scattering colorful dots across their page. It was particularly exciting when students layered their dots, adding depth by layering colors.

When students had finished before others we gave them an animal shaped paper for them to decorate with dots. It was interesting to see the different choices students made when placing their dots on the animal silhouettes. Some emphasized the animal’s features and others covered all of the white space. Students enjoyed the freedom of The Dot art project and the process of arranging the many colorful dots.

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