The Art of Meditation + Spooky Faces

At Fishtown Recreation, the students were taught how to meditate. School is often stressful and tiring. Calming exercises, such as meditating, allow students the opportunity to breathe freely and de-stress before jumping into an art activity. After this, Fishtown students practiced playing on drums. This was a fun musical activity where they are able to release their energy while making music. Music is also an important aspect of winding down in the middle of stressful situations. After a quick musical session, the kids worked on their art projects. Today, we created spooky faces, such as Frankenstein and goblins, and decorated them. Halloween is coming up, and the students were able to take these home and hang them up as decoration before the trick-or-treating begins. These turned out really good, and they all ended up very different and creatively done.

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