Summer Project Handouts

ASI is beginning to prepare for summer classes with these crafts that will be made into handouts and can be given to the students. 

Simple paper cranes:
This is a simplified origami project that only takes a triangular piece of paper.

Sail Boats:
Students can create their own sailboats and then decorate and color them.

4 Seasons spinner:
This project helps teach about the 4 seasons. Students can split the circle into 4 parts and decorate them according to each season.

Clam Shells

Turtles and creative “monster” mouths:
The monster mouth is created from a folded piece of paper that will open and close like a mouth. Students can decorate these and be as creative as they want to make these into monster mouths.


Summer fans and insects:
This is a good summer representative project for students. They can make paper fans to cool off in the sun, accompanied by bugs made by paper and utensils.