Summer Lovin’ at Cione!

Cione students pose with instruments

Summer classes are in full effect at Cione Rec Center!

We figured since it’s summer, a time typically reserved for vacations, we could pretend we we were traveling and talk about music from another part of the world. Instructors Merideth and Madeleine discussed Latin American music and its rich history, typical instruments and sounds, and of course famous Latin American artists (hello J.Lo!).

As we listened to some traditional latin american music styles such as salsa, cumbia, bachata and bossa nova, students painted their own print-maracas and homemade shakers (a great cheap DIY version of maracas!)

The students took some time to discuss Latin American musicians, songs and dances they knew. Learning about sounds and cultures different from our own was a great way to start summer programming.

In our second class, we talked about the guitar — where it might have originated, how it looks and feels, how it’s made, how many strings it has. Some students even have experience playing! We also listened to some jazz guitar songs while coloring our own DIY guitars.

While talking about guitar and percussion, we also learned the cup game. It was difficult but the students worked really hard to memorize the movements. We discussed how guitar and percussion feed off each other to create beautiful music.

Showing off a patriotic guitar design
Students create unique creations on their own paper guitars