Summer 2013 Cohocksink

Art Sphere Inc. Summer Art Programs at Cohocksink Recreation Center

10 Art workshops from 12-3 pm

Workshop 1 – Under Water Scene: Students try on snorkel gear, learn about scuba diving, examine actual sea life collection, use shell and fish identification books (Monday, July 8)


Workshop 2 – 3-D Kite Project and Collage: Painting Water looking at paintings by Winslow Homer with cut paper sailboats to correspond with Franklin Institute field trip on Tuesday, July 9  (Wednesday, July 10)

Workshop 3 – Pen and Ink Insects drawing and Rorschach insect painting and 3-D paper insects, using magnifying glass with specimens to correspond with Good bug bad bug presentation Monday July 15th  (Monday July 15th)


Workshop 4 – 3-D construction paper puppy with doghouse and pet equipment and pet care discussion, Gimp craft to correspond with 4H puppy raiser talk at on Wednesday, July 17 (Wednesday, July 17)

Cohox Summer-DogCohox Summer-Dog2Summer Cohox-Dog3

Workshop 5- King Arthur’s court, armor, castles, horses, family crests and shields to correspond with Art Museum field trip Tuesday, July 23 (Monday, July 22nd)

Workshop 6- Calder artwork three generations mobile project and griffin drawing and origami to correspond with Art Museum field trip Tuesday, July 23 (Wednesday, July 24)

Workshop 7 – Painting Camp scene: tent, campfire, backpack, and tree, origami frogs to correspond with Wissahickon Environmental Ctr. Thursday, July 25th (Monday, July 29)

Workshop 8- Cartooning Amusement Rides: pen, ink and watercolors to correspond with Clementon Park field trip Tuesday, July 30 (Wednesday, July 31)

Workshop 9- Large Abstract painting on Canvas to Music/ Listen to Impressionist music and look at Monet’s painting. Design mural water lilies, frog turtle mural to correspond with Mann Music Center field trip August 5 (Tuesday, August 6th)

Workshop 10 – Cartoon sports figures and action scene to correspond with Bowling project field trip August 8 (Wednesday, August 7th)

Alternative Projects: 1) Create a stage and make finger puppets to correspond with Movies (August 1), 2) A Day at the Beach scene watercolor with flip-flop book to tell story of adventure using Bird Identification Book and binoculars. Recycling project-paper towel roll binoculars

Days possibly needing to be rescheduled: Monday, July 22nd, Wednesday, July 24, JD Wednesday, August 7th

 Make up days: Fridays July 12th, 19th and August 2nd, or August 9th

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