Stamp Rose

Project Title: Stamp Rose
Description: Children use ink and celery pieces to stamp a rose
Author: Liza
Grade Level or Target age range: Preschool and Early Childhood
Historical Art Examples or References: N/A
Vocabulary: Stamp, print-making, stem, leaves
Materials: Roller,plastic to roll on, celery, ink (green,red)
Anticipatory Set: What is this? Celery. We are going to make a rose with it today.
1.Pour some ink on the plastic
2. Take a roller to make even
3. Take heart of celery and press into red ink
4. Press towards top of paper
5. Take celery stick and press in green ink
6. Press celery stick by the base of the rose
7. Draw a thin green line
8. Take a celery leaf press into green ink
9. Press leaf on both sides

What makes print-making special?
What are the parts of a flower?