Stained Glass Windows

After a few projects with color on paper, and paint on paper, Miss Ashlyn and I introduced a new material. Using tinfoil, permanent marker, stickers, construction paper, and glitter glue, both the little and big kids made stained glass windows! We gave a little bit of guidance by showing images of real stained glass windows, as well as finished tinfoil ones so they were able to brain storm.

Some chose to take a more abstract, approach, using the black thick, outline as a wy to organize shapes. Others treated it as a regular drawing, making flowers, rainbows, and even pepperoni pizza from one of the older boys! They used problem solving, and learned how to make quick decisions. For example, one girl put a hole through the tinfoil. I explained that since we were mounting it, she could make the hole intentional, letting the construction paper come through, or she could simply color over it, which it what she chose to do! Another student did not want to wait for the glitter glue to dry, as I said it would take a very long time. So she decided to gloss over the entire foil, a very light layer, making her own finishing gloss!

They were asked to pick a few stickers of their choosing and embellish their frames.  The results were very fun, fun,and unique stained glass windows!

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