St Paul’s Recreation Center

In 2012,  ASI  mural painter Alfred painted a portrait of the  founder of the recreation center on the entrance.

After meeting with Director Mr. Miller and Neighborhood Captain Celine and community members excited to share ideas.

We continued  mural painting projects and park cleanups, building on our previous work several years ago on Saturday Mornings 9-12 am targeting youth ages 10-20 to brainstorm ideas for playground.

We taught youth drawing  and sketching, how to grid wall , mural planning and painting.

We engaged community members in the Cleaning of playground of  clearing leaves and trash and organized young volunteers to  take leadership roles sharing their new found skills painting over graffiti, restoring other murals, painting stage mural and connect murals with stencils.

Art Sphere has a strict safety requirement – we only use water-based paints on our mural cleanup projects since we work with youth to make healthy choices and promote green environmental policy.


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