Spring 2021 Newsletter

Happy Spring!

Celebrate spring with ASI by exploring nature and learning about the environment. 

Thank You, Fall/Winter Co-Ops

As the seasons change, we are ushering in new Co-op volunteers, and we’d like to take time to thank our previous coops who have worked so hard on ASI’s projects. Volunteers have worked to create projects such as our MLK Day of Service pagePassport projectStates project, UPBEAT Environmental project, and more!

Even though we were fully virtual this term, coops were still able to learn a lot and contribute to the organization. Thank you, fall/winter coops! 

Giving Thanks To Our Medical Providers

Thank you to everyone who showed their gratitude to medical workers through our Valentine’s Day event. We received many great words of encouragement to our medical workers who are working incredibly hard during these uncertain times. Below are some of the responses we received: 

Become an Arts Activist

Have you ever thought about becoming an activist? There are more ways to become an activist than you may think. Our newly published Arts Activist page provides different strategies for spreading awareness through art. There are resources for research, as well as other activists who use the arts to spread awareness about societal and environmental issues.  

What can you do to better your community?  

Consider Donating to Art Sphere

Art Sphere is a volunteer-run organization and all of Art Sphere’s programs are provided FREE of chargeWant to help make a difference? Please consider a donation to Art Sphere. All donations go directly to support programs and supplies for students, including handouts such as this one, celebrating the month of March.  

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