Sports Jersey Fashion Design

Week 3 at Shissler Recreation Center, students designed their own sports jerseys!

Everyone was given a blank shirt template to develop t heir own or create a pre-existing jersey. They used pencils, crayons and markers to color, decorate, and design.

One boy was wearing a Manchester FC jersey, so several kids kept looking at him and his jersey’s emblem to copy from. A few children had their phones out and referenced their favorite sports team or specific player jersey.

Two boys created basketball jerseys and to make it a more accurate style, they cut the sleeves off!

Several kids created both the front and the back of the jerseys, showing the logo with a small number or team’s sponsor (i.e. a soccer jersey) on the front and the number and player name on the back. These details were not lost on their kids, they made sure to add everything they could think of! 

One girl created a golf shirt because her sport of choice is golfing. She asked for separate paper so she could draw a golf club, ball, and glove. She cut those out and glued them to her golf shirt to complete the overall concept.

Sixers Iverson Jersey #3

Creating a jersey is an easy, fun, and creative way for children to learn about fashion design. Both boys and girls alike can appreciate creating their own shirt or sports jersey that represents them and their interests. Lessons like these help children take personal ownership, and pride, in their artwork.

Foles #9 Eagles Jersey