Spooky Ghosts, Creeping Cats, and an Adventurous Story
















We had lots of fun celebrating the month of October and Halloween again this week!

We started off by making ghosts out of construction paper. Each child was given a moon, a ghost, a bat, and black circles for the mouth of the ghost. They then glued the ghost and bat on top of the moon and were able to decorate their cute little ghosts. They also got to learn how to draw additional bats on their moons, and the final products came looking awesome! Each one was very unique, and the children really seemed to enjoy working on these ghosts!

Next, we moved on to a similar activity, but we made cats instead of ghosts. Each child was given a piece of blue paper for the background, a cat, a half-moon, a nose, an eye, and some whiskers. They glued the moon and cat onto the blue paper, and then they glued the eye, nose, and whiskers onto the cat. In doing so, they were able to learn the basic facial anatomy of a cat! They also decorated their cats by drawing stars and grass. The children were very excited during the activity and proudly showed us their work. It was amazing to see their creativity.

We ended the day with a reading of the book “We’re Going on a Ghost Hunt,” which is about some very brave kids walking through the forest to look for ghosts. I loved that the book included a lot of onomatopoeia! It makes the story seem very real, as if we were actually walking through the forest. The children definitely enjoyed the book and were actively involved in it by stomping their feet and making the sound effects along with Lead Teacher Kristen (who was reading the book). They had lots of fun during this reading.

I loved that our activities centered around the Halloween theme, and I was glad that we were actually able to make it very festive for the children. It really reminds me of when I was in elementary school and my awesome teachers did the same thing for me.


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