Sparkly Sugar Skulls & Cute Paper Bag Puppets












Continuing with our October theme, we made sugar skulls to celebrate the Day of the Dead! The children colored in and decorated their skulls, while they learned about the history and meaning of the sugar skulls and the Day of the Dead. They were very engaged and had lots of fun making their skulls as colorful as possible. After they were finished coloring, we set up a glitter station for them to apply a “finishing touch” onto their skulls. They were very impressed with their finished products, and they loved the glitter. I would say that the glitter made a huge difference and really made the colors stand out. Definitely eye-catching!

Next, we made puppy hand puppets out of paper bags and construction paper! We had the children glue on the limbs, ears, and a heart onto the paper bags, and then they were able to decorate it. In doing this activity, the children learned about symmetry and some basic anatomy of a dog. Their puppets turned out adorable and the children loved playing with their awesome new puppets. They loved it so much that they even asked if they can take it home!

We ended with everyone sitting on the carpet. Each child took turns showing their puppet, and telling us what they decided to name it. We got to see how unique each puppet was, and we also got to hear very creative names! It was amazing to see their creative minds at work.

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