Southwark’s Giant Beetles

In today’s craft we brought the back the paper bugs that we did with Towey. They were tasked with decorating their bug after a known insect or creating their own. Afterwards, we stapled the legs to the body to complete their insect. We also suggested that they could turn their bug into a card because the wings opened leaving a blank space. There was a lot of diversity with these because they were handed blank cutouts and had to use their imagination to decorate it.

With our younger class, we did the same project. We handed out the cutouts and had them try to guess what we were making. After one of the students guessed the correct answer, we discussed what kinds of beetles and bugs there were and gave ideas before they began. They had a lot of fun decorating their own bugs. There were a few ladybugs, but even those didn’t turn out the same. Afterwards, they flew their creations around the room like paper airplanes, which they were very excited about being able to do.

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