Spooky Skeletons, Spiders, and Masks

Today aside from our usual class, we also made some crafts with a 6th-grade class. Our crafts for today were centered around fall and the upcoming Halloween. We started out making spiders with a yarn wrapped around black construction paper for a web. After this, we passed out the parts to make a skeleton. They had to find and match the bones correctly and then glue them together. When they finished this, they glued their spooky skeletons into a coffin cut out of white paper. While they were not as energetic as the younger class, it was a lot of fun to talk and hang out with them while they got a little creative.

After this, we went to make some crafts with our younger after-school class. They were super excited to see us and see what we were going to make. We also gave them the skeletons to piece together and glue, but afterward, they got really creative and cut out clothes and hats to put on them. We also made Day of the Dead masks with them. They traced the outline of an original and then colored them. We gave a short explanation about the meaning of the masks and what the day represented. Like the week before, they were so enthusiastic and loved being able to make stuff with us.

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