Southwark After School Program


I spent my first day as a part of Artsphere hanging out with these awesome kids at Southwark elementary. This was such a fun class, and they were all so eager to try every single one of the art projects we had planned. They are currently learning about weather and seasons so we tried to cater to what was being taught.

We started out making spiders and their webs based on the “Itsy Bitsy Spider.” This included a black paper with slits cut in the side that we wrapped white string around. After this, we let them color pre-made spiders and helped them bend the piper cleaner legs around the web.  We also used this song to show the kids what happens during spring: it rains and then the sun comes out.

After this, we made a paper bag tree based on the story, “The Giving Tree.” They were super excited twist all the branches and glue on leaves and apples made out of paper. Kristin read the book to them afterward and asked questions throughout, and one girl was especially eager to answer all of them.

The last project we had was a paper bat connected by a string to a popsicle stick. The string represented sonar that the bat used, and we gave them little bugs to glue on the ends. The kids were more than happy to swing the bats around the classroom.

Overall this was an amazing first experience, and I am so excited to hang out with these kids again next week! They had a lot of excitement for everything, especially when they finished their homework.  I enjoyed seeing them figure out the hard questions on their homework and showing them each project.

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