Learning Targets 

  • I can identify the original Indigenous tribes of the Southeastern Tribes.
  • I can discuss the issue of the lack of media coverage of missing and abused Indigenous women.
  • I can discuss Betty Osceola’s role in Indigenous Peoples’ history in the United States.

Key Terms

  1. Chickee Hut
  2. Betty Osceola 
  3. Choctaw
  4. Creek
  5. Hominy 
  6. Shaman 
  7. Hoklonote
  8. Mussels 
  9. Natchez 
  10. Hearth

Southeastern Tribes

Learn more about the original Southeastern tribes:


Seminole Chickee Hut


Natchez Indigenous Peoples’ Pottery



Deer, fish, mussels, potatoes, sweet potatoes, turkey, hominy, rabbit

Spiritual Practices

Fasting, hearth with fire burning, Animism, shamans


Choctaw Kashehotapalo, Oka Nahullo, Hoklonote, Nalusa Falaya, shilombish


 Issues in the Communities – Missing Indigenous Women 

According to statistics cited in The Seminole Tribune by Florida International University professor Dr. Michaela Moura-Kocoglu, Indigenous women in the United States are more likely to experience sickness, poverty and lack of literacy compared to other ethnic groups in the U.S. Even worse, there is a very large number of missing and murdered Indigenous women, especially those who live on reservations. It is important these cases are addressed and recognized. Click here to watch a short film by Native Hope that emphasizes the social justice issue of missing Indigenous women in the United States. 


Prominent Indigenous – Betty Osceola

Discussion Questions

  1. What is it so important for indigenous advocates like Betty Osceola to protect sacred lands like the Florida Everglades? What type of animals would be protected in the Everglades by these anti-pollution measures?
  2. What can you learn about early Indigenous peoples of the United States by studying their pictographs and petroglyphs like the ones found in Utah.
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