Social Art: by 1100 Social at XFINITY Live!

Xfinity event

On August 25, 2016 Art Sphere Inc. was honored to be the recipient of funds raised by an art raffle at the Social Art event, hosted by 1100 Social at XFINITY Live! We are so grateful to the artists who donated art pieces, and the guests who purchased raffle tickets, which helped us raise $335 for our Art Box Campaign to provide free art materials to low-income, inner-city Philadelphia youth. We owe a special thanks to their Coordinator Caitlin Nichols who invited us to participate! Xfinity event Xfinity event It was a blast to attend this event which featured live music, an art market by local artists, hors d’oeuvres, cocktails, and a “paint-a-pint glass” table. As we hosted the Art Sphere table, it was great to meet so many art appreciators and to talk to them about ASI’s mission to make art more accessible. To the many who expressed interest in volunteering with us, we are greatly looking forward to having you on the team! So many of the people we spoke to shared stories with us of the importance that art classes played in their lives. Whether it was the one class where they could relax and express their self, or whether it led them to pursue a career in the arts, it made an impact. One conversation that stood out was a conversation with a guest whose aunt is an art teacher in Philadelphia, who has been spending a major chunk of her salary each year to purchase art materials for the kids in her class. We spoke of the heartbreaking state of things that leaves so many kids in overcrowded, underfunded schools, where “elective” classes are cut or dwindling. How we expect kids to succeed in schools without the arts to provide an outlet, allow students with different learning styles to shine, and to foster critical thinking, is beyond me. It is conversations like these that reaffirm our mission to continue working to make sure no kids are deprived of the benefits of art classes. If committed citizens continue to come together we can make a difference. Thank you to the artists who donated artwork to the raffle! It was a joy to meet you all and view your work! Check out their work at the links below to support community-minded local Philadelphia artists!

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