Shissler Tot Rec Art Show

Before the Shissler Tot rec art show began, we collaborated with John Heinz National Wildlife Refuge and added some duck stamp programming to our show! Here we have a few of our preschoolers making duck foot prints leading to the entrance of Shissler Rec Center.

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Like Fishtown, we had a lot of participants this summer!

Looking back, it is amazing to realize how much we got done with these young kids. They had ten projects to take home with them, and each of them were finished with their names, dated, and documented. What a beautiful thing to have for the future!

Our kids were extremely creative with their monster projects!

Their color pallets are my favorite.
We had summer coloring books to begin our programming off with, creating a series of images to represent their time with Art Sphere.

Kandinsky Circle Trees were a favorite amongst most of my students. This is when we introduced oil pastels to the class, and they had a ball with the high pigmented, extra soft crayon-like materials.

One of my students showing off her watercolor and oil pastel masterpiece. We had fun experimenting with shapes this session.

Bottle fish were also a favorite amongst this group. Having tangible and three dimensional art work is important!

preschool show 1
Congratulations to our Shissler preschoolers! You all made such amazing art this summer.

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